Unite to expand Bryan Park and increase community-wide access to soccer.


The Greensboro United Soccer Association (GUSA) is committed to advancing Bryan Park and the league overall by increasing the number of fields, expanding park amenities and carrying out a greater community outreach initiative. In partnership with Greensboro Parks & Recreation, the Greensboro Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, The Joseph M Bryan Foundation, businesses large and small and the parents - GUSA is poised to make critical investments that will benefit us all.

In the past seven years, more than $100 million has been invested in new soccer facilities within a five-hour drive of Bryan Park. If we invest in Bryan Park to make the facility a competitor for hosting major tournaments, we will increase the economic impact on out community by at least $10 million annually!




GOAL ONE: Improve Bryan Park Complex to attract more high-level tournaments.

  • Create three additional grass fields.
  • Resize existing fields to ensure tournament-regulation dimensions.
  • Include lights for more fields.

GOAL TWO: Install two turf fields at Bryan Park to expand turf play by more than 60 percent.

  • Optimum training locations and time slots. Fewer teams will have to train later at night or far from home.
  • Fewer cancellations and less rescheduling of practices and games.
  • Greater ease when scheduling make-up games.
  • More training space per team.
  • Increased options for specialized position training.
  • A more environmentally-friendly and safer infill product.
  • More opportunities for regular season play and tournaments for adult league players.

GOAL THREE: Increase convenience and provide enhanced amenities.

  • More than 350 additional parking spots and improved traffic flow during large-scale events.
  • A new entrance road to provide more streamlined access to the park.
  • More amenities — such as restrooms and concessions — located closer to new field areas and the Annex.
  • Two-mile walking/jogging path.
  • Improved spectator viewing areas.

GOAL FOUR: Extend GUSA’s reach to share the positive impact of soccer with young people from across our community.

  • Construct new community field pods in economically challenged areas of Greensboro.
  • Dedicate personnel to grow and develop outreach services throughout the community.
  • Remove financial barriers by creating a fund to pay fees and other costs for young players who cannot afford to participate.